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Untreated Seeds

5000+ Seeds

Qualtity | Economical | Convenient

15 Varieties
Made for the Canadian Climate
2X on some quantities

The Canadian Garden Kit

  • 60 days
  •  QT ~ 50
Scotia Tomato  

The Scotia Tomato is an early producer of 4oz deep red fruits with green and yellow shoulders and has an excellent balanced flavour.

large red cherry tomato
  • 75 days
  •  QT ~ 40
Red Cherry Tomato  

The large red cherry tomato produces heavy yields, and has a great flavour.It is around 1 oz in size and darker red at full maturity.

  • 75 days
  •  QT ~ 250
Dill Mammoth  

Mammoth Long Island is a gratifying, tall, large-sized, heirloom variety of dill.A must if you are growing cucumbers to pickle.

  • 60 days
  •  QT ~ 16
Black Beauty Zucchini  

Prolific producer of straight smooth dark green zucchini fruit averaging 8 to 12 in.You will be giving them away!

  • 50-70 days
  •  QT ~ 2000
Scarlet Nantes Carrot  

Grow to 7-8 inches in length long with blunt tips. A fine-grained, bright red-orange flesh is nearly colourless, offering great flavour ...

  • 30 days
  •  QT ~ 150

The Cherry Belle Radish is a quick growing variety and a staple to every garden. Round in shape, bright red in colour ...

  • 70 days
  •  QT ~ 300
Romaine Lettuce  

This variety was introduced in 1952 and gets its namesake from an island off the coast of South Carolina ...

  • 70 days
  •  QT ~ 1500
Buttercrunch Lettuce  

A quality buttery sweet lettuce needed for every garden. The rich coloured leaves are soft and crisp ...

  • 50-70 days
  •  QT ~ 90
Detroit Dark Red Beet  

The Detroit Dark Red Beet is very versatile, you can use the deep green tops raw for salads, or cooked as a nutrious side...

  • 50-55 days
  •  QT ~ 45
Sugar Ann Peas  

Sugar Ann is crisp delicious cool season vegetable and performs well in spring and fall gardens.Sugar Ann is an early...

  • 50-60 days
  •  QT ~ 200
Russian Kale  

Red Russian Kale is a favorite staple to Canadian Gardens. Great for salad bases and nutritious ...

  • 65-70 days
  •  QT ~50
California Wonder Pepper  

This heirloom variety was introduced in 1928, California Wonder Bell Pepper is one of the most popular large bell peppers...

  • 50-70 days
  •  QT ~ 35
Green Beans  

Standard fresh market green beans.They are well suited for cool soil, early or late sowings. An average length of 6 inches ...

  • 35-50 days
  •  QT ~ 120
Bloomsdale Spinach  

This variety produces large dark green leaves with delicious flavour.Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach is slower...

  • 68 days
  •  QT ~ 55
Marketmore Cucumber  

Marketmore 76 cucumber seeds yield a smooth, refined, dark-green slicer with a crisp crunch and sweet flavour...

  • 30-75 days
  •  QT ~ 5000
The Canadian Garden   

Hand selected seeds that you will actually plant and enjoy. The Canadian Garden Kit has been put together carefully...